29 September 2020

Virtual event organized by the European Food Banks Federation
on the occasion of the first-ever
International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

On this unique occasion the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) together with its membership, decided to organize a virtual event “Food, no waste! European Food Banks: concrete answers for the people, for the planet” to raise awareness on the importance of food loss and waste prevention and the key role played by
European Food Banks.

Today we are honoured to celebrate the first International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. This International Day is our everyday life: it’s a day of celebration for all European Food Banks and we want to share it with everyone.


A virtual event offering many possibilities

International Conferences


The virtual platform was divided in 5 main areas: FEBA Media Library, Meet the Food Banks, International Auditorium, Live Dialogues, and FEBA Data Centre.

FEBA Media Library

Discover the European Food Banks Federation: our story and our daily activity to prevent food waste and to support charities helping people in need at European level.

Meet the Food Banks

Virtual tour of Food Banks, videos, interactive games, reports and documents presenting the work of the Food Banks on food loss and waste prevention at national level… Download all the materials shared on the virtual stands. 

International Auditorium

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized 3 International Conferences on 29 September. FEBA’s representatives were invited.  

Live Dialogues

Virtual workshops were organized by Food Banks in Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Nordic Region (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and Malta to disseminate the EU guidelines on food donation.

Participants also had the chance to attend a virtual event convened by Champions 12.3 and The Global FoodBanking Network.

FEBA Data Centre

FEBA is working on the project “Quantifying the impact of European Food Banks – From Farm to Fork” with three milestones:

  1. Definition of common KPIs, dataset structure and data collection strategies;
  2. Development of an Observatory on Food Donation;
  3. Promotion and dissemination of the Observatory on Food Donation. 

About the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (IDAFLW)

This year we celebrate the first ever observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. It also comes during the global COVID-19 pandemic, that has brought about a global wake-up on the need to transform and rebalance the way our food is produced and consumed.

Reducing food losses and waste is essential in a world where the number of people affected by hunger has been slowly on the rise since 2014, and tons and tons of edible food are lost and/or wasted every day. Food loss and waste also puts unnecessary pressure on the natural resource base and on the environment, depleting the natural resource base and generating greenhouse gases.

Stop food loss and waste. For the people. For the planet.

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About the European Commission and the IDAFLW

On the occasion of the first International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste the European Commission will contribute to the day by organising a series of activities in order to inform, educate and engage citizens and stakeholders regarding food loss and waste prevention.

The Commission proposes a series of visuals in various EU languages with advice for citizens on how to avoid food waste at home. The visuals are available in different formats, for different social media channels. 

In addition, the members of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste have prepared a series of events and activities to mark the first edition of IDAFLW.

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About the European Food Banks Federation

The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European umbrella non-profit organization and works in collaboration with 24 Full Members and 5 Associate Members in European countries.

For 34 years, FEBA mission has consisted in representing its membership at European and international level, supporting and strengthening Food Banks in Europe by providing training, sharing best practice and knowledge, and developing partnerships, and fostering the creation of new Food Banks.

FEBA brings together 430 Food Banks and branches which are committed to fight against food waste and to feed the most deprived. Our members provide 4.2 million meals each day to 9.5 million most deprived people through 45,283 charitable organizations thanks to the professionalism of 32,280 co-workers (84% volunteers)

In addition to surplus food from the food supply chain, FEBA members also redistribute food from the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived (FEAD) and the Fruits and Vegetables withdrawal scheme, as well as from individual donations.

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If you have questions, you can contact us at 29september@eurofoodbank.org


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