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Discover the winners of the challenge that the European Food Banks Federation launched on the occasion of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

The proud winners of the #foodnowaste challenge


Participant 1: Food Bank Albania - Albania

Stop Food Loss and Waste

The whole awareness-raising action is based on the concept and moto of “Preserve the Earth”! During the period of 20 – 29 september 2021, Food Bank Albania did the following awareness raising activities:

  1. Social Media campaign about the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables and commemorating for the second time the 29th of September (IDAFLW).
  2. The Food Bank representatives will be present in a square place in Tirana, to distribute flyers on the street, display posters and talk to people interested about Food Bank. Municipality and government officials might join to give awareness messages about food loss and waste.
  3. Interviews of FBA staff at Local Radio and TV stations
  4. Distribution of flyers on the street and display of posters in the 6 main cities accross Albania with the local partners.

Participant 2: FødevareBanken - Denmark

Be a part of #Nofoodwaste MONTH with FødevareBanken

In September FødevareBanken will go an extra mile to get everyone committed on reducing food waste ♻ 

The Danish Food Banks started with a quiz, which ran the first week of September to test out our followers knowledge about food waste and FødevareBanken. Then they daily shared interesting facts about their work as the Danish Food Bank (FødevareBanken) and all the great things they have achieved so far, as well as sharing various tips for making #nofoodwaste at home, so that we together can contribute to reducing food waste 💚 They shared various videos with their chef preparing meals with #nofoodwaste and last but not least in the spirit of #nofoodwaste month, they published a #NoFoodWaste-cookbook (Madspildskogebog in danish), so the social organisations that receive the surplus food and the followers on social media can do better with surplus food and therefore make #nofoodwaste in the kitchens.

On the 29th September the mayor of Copenhagen will visit FødevareBanken to celebrate the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.

Through the campaign FødevareBanken encourages its followers to comment with their own foodwaste-tips, so that we can inspire each other and together raise awareness on reducing food waste💚♻

Participant 3: Tafel Deutschland e.V. - Germany

Saving more food with digital support

Tafel Deutschland will explain through grafics and video why saving food means helping people as well as protecting the environment. They will show how their new “eco-plattform”, which connects local Food Banks and donors, helps them save more food.

Participant 4: FoodCloud - Ireland

FoodCloud Food Waste Hero

We know that in Ireland 1 million tonnes of food is wasted every year and that globally 30% of food produced is wasted. We also know that reducing food waste is the number one solution to reducing climate change, according to Project Drawdown. To raise awareness of how individuals can make a change in their own homes and inspire them to get creative with ingredients that they may have otherwise thrown in the bin, FoodCloud is showcasing FoodCloud Food Waste Hero, Tommy. In a short video, we’ll see how Tommy makes the best of some surplus bananas by turning them into gorgeous banana bread. Tommy is passionate about the work he does with FoodCloud and is always finding ways to use surplus ingredients to make delicious treats for our team. FoodCloud hopes that by sharing these simple tips and tricks, they will inspire others to see the power they have in tackling the environmental issue of food waste.

Participant 5: Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus - Italy

Bring the Food

BRING THE FOOD is a digital tool used by Banco Alimentare Trentino Alto Adige to improve and boost up the activities of recovery of surplus food from catering and Distribution. It’s an interactive platform that allows to manage both the supply of food destined to Banco Alimentare – otherwise wasted – and and its distribution to charitable agencies in the territory. BTF allows the charities to express preferences on the food available and food in donation. In this way Banco Alimentare can make the distribution of food even more personalized on the needs of the charitable organizations. BTF speeds up and improves the dialogue with the food donors and makes the recovery and distribution process optimized at best. The platform also facilitates the administrative and documentary part linked to the traceability of food donations. Those who use the platform give positive feedback both on time savings (both logistical and administrative) and on the user experience as BTF is a very intuitive tool that can simplify the daily practices of Banco Alimentare of food recovery saved from waste.

Participant 6: Maisto bankas - Lithuania

Fighters: A Day with Food Bank

Not a lot of people know how Lithuanian Food Bank’s routine looks like. What is the purpose of our work and how we deal with daily challenges? Why can we be called “fighters”? We will show you a short film about Food Bank’s daily fight against food waste and hunger.

Participant 7: Federation of Polish Food Banks - Poland

Disco Soup Event

28/09 Event with Disco Soup and social media campaign
Event: Disco Soup

  • Cooking Disco Soup
  • Two educational discussion panels.

Campaign in social media:

  • Event’s online transmission on Banki Żywności | Facebook
  • posts promoting event
  • Promotion of ebook with zero waste recipes

Guests: journalists of national media, representatives of local authorities, business and popular influencers promoting Eco Lifestyle.

The famous polish culinary expert and blogger – Jagna Niedzielska will prepare delicious soup on the basis of leftovers both for guests and for the most needy in Saint Cross Hospice in Mokotów. At the same time two panel discussions are organised. The first one will refer to tips, how to save food in everyday life. The second one will be dedicated to appropriate understanding of expiry dates.

29/09 additional events promoted on social media:

  1. Food Banks local Disco Soup events. On the 29th of September Food Banks will inspire local communities in various regions of Poland to make delicious soups on the basis of vegetables often incorrectly assessed as unusable.
  2. Participation as partner in event organized by company – Too Good To Go launching campaign ,,Useful longer than you expect”. President of our organization – Beata Ciepła will be one of the main guests of discussion panel with celebrity chefs and experts


Participant 8: Federaçao Portuguesa dos Bancos Alimentares - Portugal

United Against Waste

Food waste is everyone’s problem. And that’s why whatever the solution, it has to come from everyone. From the desire to join wills, FPBA created a national movement UNITED AGAINST WASTE.
A civic and national movement, aggregating and educational, that unites society in an active and positive fight against food waste.
A movement that does not seek to replace any actor, which sets the stage for all those who actively fight against food waste and want to make the use of surpluses habitual, alert to losses and waste, encourage and facilitate the donation of leftovers and promote responsible consumption.
A movement with different voices and different tones that unites and brings together companies, entities, institutions, the public and the private sector and the various generations around the single objective of fighting food waste.
United to produce sustainably, 
united to distribute value, united to consume responsibly, UNITED AGAINST WASTE.

Next September, 29th, FPBA will organize an event that puts together all the sectors to create awareness to this national Movement celebrating 1 year of mobilization and daily activity of Portuguese Food Banks to fight food waste in a circular mind set.
At the same occasion, a communication campaign will be launched with the brand “Unidos Contra o Desperdicio”, built with letters cut out of the brands and logos of companies from the various sectors that unite in a cause with a common purpose.

Participant 9: Fondation Partage - Switzerland

Unsold stale bread turned into delicious cookies!

One of our main focus on food waste prevention is the valorization of perishable goods. Amongst them : stale bread, ending largely in our bins. However, there are several delicious recipes using stale bread or breadcrumbs as a base. In collaboration with the Hospice Général, Partage is currently making cookies out of it!

To raise awareness about food waste, Partage will make impactful posts on the valorization of stale bread into cookies. The goal is to show one of the many ways to act on food waste. In order to have an interactive campaign, they’ll ask their community to share their personal recipes using stale bread or breadcrumbs.

Participant 10: FareShare - United Kingdom


2 million tonnes of good to eat food is wasted every year in the UK – most of it on farms. At the same time, 1 in 8 people go hungry. Right now, it’s cheaper for farmers to waste good-to-eat food than get it to frontline charities putting meals onto people’s plates.
‘Lifeline’ government funding that helped farmers rescue their fresh, unsold food has been axed – with calls to renew it rejected. Without this funding 53m meals worth of food a year will be needlessly wasted – thrown into biogas digesters, sent to landfill or simply ploughed back into the fields.

FareShare have launched the #FoodOnPlates campaign to raise awareness of the eye-watering amounts of fresh food wasted in this country – with a ‘day of action’ on the International Day of Food Loss & Waste.

#FoodOnPlates | “Wasting good food shouldn’t be cheaper than feeding people”
FareShare is asking members of the public (and FareShare’s network of charities) to email their MP via a dedicated online action tool at www.foodonplates.org, ahead of the International Day of Food Loss and Waste, calling on them to publicly support our ask and sign a letter to the PM. At the same time, media coverage on the day itself will ‘dial up the pressure’ on government to act.


Paolo Giro

Impact Lead, European Affairs Advisor

Amie Kegler

Impact Lead, Global Engagement in Food Recovery
General Mills

Bruce Learner

Senior CSR and Partnership Manager
Kellogg Europe

Hugo Mocquard

Sustainability Manager, EU & Global Affairs

Tommaso Valle

Corporate Relations and Sustainability Director
McDonald’s Italy

Jacques Vandenschrik

European Food Banks Federation

Javiera Charad Wilkens

Climate Delivery Manager


The challenge is open to FEBA Full and Associate Members. 

The challenge is open only to national federations/organisations with 1 application per country. 

You have to fill in the application form accessible via the button “Apply now” and tell us what you will do to raise awareness on your contribution to food waste prevention in the context of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.

Note: your application must be entered in English. 

Here are some ideas of awareness-raising actions that you can implement as part of the challenge: 

  • create videos 
  • launch a social media campaign
  • plan an offline communication action (distribute flyers on the street, display posters…)
  • organise a conference 
  • … 

Be creative! There are only 2 rules to respect

  1. Organise something in line with the prevention of food waste and the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
  2. Communicate on social media using the hashtags #FLWDay #WeAreFEBA and #FoodNoWaste. We will share your challenge on FEBA social media channels. 

Important note: you can choose to communicate in your national language or in English but it is essential to use the hashtags above for FEBA to compile your stories. FEBA will also communicate about the challenge in English.

You will raise awareness about the mission of your organisation and the daily activities that you are doing to prevent food waste. 

We also offer you exposure across FEBA’s online channels.

Last but not least, the best 3 participations will be awarded with a prize as following: 

  1. First place: 10,000 euros
  2. Second place: 5,000 euros
  3. Third place: a surprise from the FEBA Team

Important note: the money awarded by FEBA must be used for communication activities in line with the mission of the organisation and the prevention of food waste. 



The jury comprises experienced professionals from different sectors, ensuring that your applications will be thoroughly evaluated from a wide range of independent perspectives, and at the highest standards.

The jury will evaluate the applications on the following criteria:

  1. Respect of the rules of the challenge 
  2. Compliance with the scope of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
  3. Creativity in communicating the activity of your organisation to prevent food waste
  4. Use of social media to share your challenge with #FLWDay, #WeAreFEBA and #FoodNoWaste


Please note that FEBA will communicate about the challenge and share the content that you publish on FEBA website and social media channels. The pictures will also be share with the FAO to be used on their own communication channels.

The winners will be selected at the sole discretion of the jury and will be announced on 30 September 2021.

Write to 29september@eurofoodbank.org. 

About the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (IDAFLW)

The 2nd Observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste taking place on 29 September 2021 will make a clear call to action for both the public (national or local authorities) and the private sector (businesses and individuals), to prioritize actions and move ahead with innovation to reduce food loss and waste towards restoring and building back better and resilient-ready, food systems. Stop food loss and waste. For the people. For the planet. To learn more click here

SAVE THE DATEOfficial celebrations at FAO HQ will take place in the form of a virtual roundtable on 29 September at 4pm – Rome time.

Heads of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will share their perspectives on the issues and actions required to stem the problem. A high-level panel will provide their perspectives, and a keynote presentation will seek to provoke further thought on the issues. Representatives from the European Commission and from Italy will also share their views and perspectives on the issues and on progress achieved in addressing food loss and food waste. A roundtable panel will discuss scalable innovations that contribute to accelerating the pace of food loss and waste reduction globally, toward delivering on better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life.

Register here.

EU Food Loss and Waste Prevention Hub

In order to mark the second observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (IDAFLW) on 29 September 2021, the European Commission launched a new website for all stakeholders engaged in food loss and waste prevention: the EU Food Loss and Waste Prevention Hub.

Become a member and:

  • Stay up to date with the latest news and events
  • Explore the database of resources and upload your own initiatives
  • Check out the EU Member States pages to discover national initiatives

More info here.

About the European Food Banks Federation

The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European umbrella non-profit organization and works in collaboration with 24 Full Members and 5 Associate Members in European countries.

For 35 years, FEBA mission has consisted in representing its membership at European and international level, supporting and strengthening Food Banks in Europe by providing training, sharing best practice and knowledge, and developing partnerships, and fostering the creation of new Food Banks.

FEBA brings together 335 Food Banks and branches which are committed to fight food waste and to feed the most deprived. Our members provide 860,000 tonnes of food to 12.8 million most deprived people through 48,126 charitable organizations thanks to the professionalism of 37,016 co-workers (85% volunteers)

In addition to surplus food from the food supply chain, FEBA members also redistribute food from the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived (FEAD) and the Fruits and Vegetables withdrawal scheme, as well as from individual donations.

If you have questions, you can contact us at 29september@eurofoodbank.org


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